FlexGuard Pro™ Ankle Brace.
FlexGuard Pro™ Ankle Brace.
FlexGuard Pro™ Ankle Brace.
FlexGuard Pro™ Ankle Brace.
FlexGuard Pro™ Ankle Brace.
FlexGuard Pro™ Ankle Brace.
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FlexGuard Pro™ Ankle Brace.
FlexGuard Pro™ Ankle Brace.
FlexGuard Pro™ Ankle Brace.
FlexGuard Pro™ Ankle Brace.
FlexGuard Pro™ Ankle Brace.
FlexGuard Pro™ Ankle Brace.



  • Boost your confidence, land tricks with ease
  • Reduce injuries from hard falls and impact
  • Get better quicker

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Destroy Your Fear, not Your Ankle

With the Flex Guard Pro

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“I had been trying to land a kickflip for months but kept on falling over and rolling and smashing my ankle. Rippl's ankle braces gave me tonnes of confidence and the ability to keep going. I learned the trick in a week!”


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Avoid Pain and Frustration

Maybe you're attempting a new trick and you know that you are going to fall over dozens, if not hundreds, of times before finally landing it.

Or maybe an old injury is shaking your confidence, holding you back and stopping you from skating the way you used to.

Looking forward trying again? No? We didn't think so. It's painful and scary as sh**!

This is where the Flex Guard Pro Ankle brace has your back.

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  • Intelligently designed to take the punishment for you
  • No more fear of falling
  • Learn and land your tricks in half the time!

Key Features

Spider on Nano Shot Lens

Designed for superior protection, the flex guard pro offers enough support to ensure you're ankle is kept safe, whilst allowing your ankle to use and improve its own strength naturally.

And with smart flex built into the right areas, you’ll be able to still flick your flips with ease. No restriction.

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Instant Confidence

Once you put the ankle brace on, you'll feel instantly at ease and ready to skate to your maximum potential.


MYTH BUSTER - "Ankle supports cause you to break your leg"

There is zero evidence to support this. The ankle brace is design to dissapate the engery into the brace and away from the ankle

Don't waste your time being too scared to skate. And don't waste your time frustratingly trying to learn that next trick when you can speed up your skate game.

Get your ankle braces today and watch your buddies' jaws drop when they see you land the perfect trick.



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

So far so good. I've been skating in them and I have had no issues at all. Maybe some more support on the achilles, but the support is pretty solid, and the hard layer is amazing. I hit my ankles all the time 😂

Haven't been on the bmx in them but I've shown them to my bmx mates and they think that these look awesome!


I went skateboarding in them yesterday and was amazed at how much more confident I felt. Not quite there yet, but these definitely help.

Better than my current ones

I love that these come with a hard outside layer. Much better than my standard ankle supports.

Good support

I have rolled my ankles so many times, I have no ligaments left. Defintiely help

Great for BMX

These are great for BMX. Smashing my ankles is painful 😂 Use them for skate too.

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