About us

Our Mission

Rippl's mission is to provide protective gear and advice to snowboarders so that they can own the slopes and push their limits, without fear of injury or wasting their valuable time sitting out in recovery.

Our Beliefs

We believe in freedom. The freedom to try new things, the freedom to test the boundaries and enjoy the thrill that life has to offer, whilst reducing the risk that comes alongside your brave move to do the extreme. We know what it's like to come off. To catch an edge and bail hard! We know what it's like to sit out for weeks and miss that valuable time learning and enjoying our craft. We know the fear of hitting a rail again after falling down hard on it! It hurts! And it's not just the injury. It's the long lasting impact that it leaves behind, leading to more permanent damage that can't be fixed. We don't want that and we guess neither do you. This is why we want to ensure that everyone has the right protective gear to be legendary at what they love to do and to hit the slopes confidently, without fear of injuring themselves.

Our Vision

  • A world where people can push their limits fearlessly. We only get one life! 
  • To move towards a full line of gear that enables a worry-free, comfortable, confident snowboarding experience that lasts your entire life 
  • An environment where there is no judgement of a person's riding level, expertise, fear and the choices they make to crush that fear!