About us

Our Mission

Rippl's mission is to equip both snowboarders and motorcyclists with superior protective gear and insightful advice, enabling them to master the slopes and the roads. Our aim is to ensure that every journey, whether on snow or asphalt, is an opportunity to push your limits safely, without the setback of injuries or the downtime of recovery.

Our Beliefs

We believe in the freedom. The freedom to explore, to challenge boundaries, and to experience the exhilaration of our passions, whether that means shredding fresh snow or navigating winding roads. We've experienced the setbacks of a hard fall and the frustration of being benched, along with the hesitancy to dive back in after a tough tumble. We understand that the impact goes beyond the physical—it's the lingering setbacks that can lead to more serious, lasting harm.

Our commitment is to ensure everyone is equipped with the essential protective gear, so you can pursue what you love, whether on snowy peaks or open roads, with confidence and without fear of injury.

Our Vision

  • A fearless world where every individual feels empowered to explore their limits, whether on snowy peaks or open roads, with the confidence that comes from being well-protected.
  • Lifelong adventures made safer and more enjoyable through our gear, ensuring that every snowboarder and motorcyclist can pursue their passions without compromise.
  • A community that thrives on inclusivity and understanding, where the thrill of the ride unites us, transcending skill levels and personal fears.

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