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Ski and Snowboard Goggles and Mask

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Whether you’re kicking it in the backcountry or freeriding in the gnarliest of weather conditions, Rippl's goggles and facemask combo is the ultimate in protection against the elements! 

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Sleek and slick in its design, the goggles and mask hold their own in the most extreme weather conditions, staving off that bitter windchill whilst looking badass in the process.

Snowboader wearing snowsports goggles and mask

Why our Goggles and Mask are for you

Wind and weatherproof - Steer clear of that bitterly cold wind chill and blizzards

Detachable mask - Ride in all weather conditions. Only use the mask when you need it.

UV Protection - UV400 Protection. Protect your eyes and your face. No more glare, no more sunscreen.

Ventilation (breathe easy) - Vents and mouth filter on the front and side helps the internal air circulate smoothly, keeping you breathing fresh air and reduces fog build up.

Stay dry - Doesn’t hold moisture like cloth does - No more getting wet and cold

Lightweight, tough and flexible TPU frame - Build to withstand extreme conditions

Wide field of vision - See the full breadth of the piste

Money-back guarantee - We’re so sure that these will do the trick that we even offer a 30-day free refund policy. No-fuss. Hassle-free.


detachable goggles and mask for snowboarders 


Ski and Snowboard Goggles and Mask

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