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Did This Health Start-Up From the UK Just Solve Motorcycle Riding Seat Pain?

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Friday, May 3 ‍
by Tony Mack

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Your posterior and lower back are wonderful support mechanisms, working in perfect harmony to keep your body upright, and helping you maintain comfort when sitting down for short periods of time.

However, when exposed to firm, unsupportive surfaces like a typical motorcycle seat, these areas bear the brunt of your body weight, leading to soreness and discomfort. Especially during extended motorcycle rides.

And with every mile you clock, the more and more the nerves and bones in your lower back and buttocks are subjected to severe pressure from the hard surface of standard motorcycle seats, restricting blood flow, and putting pressure in areas not meant to withstand the level of pressure exposure.

But what a lot of doctors don’t tell you is that this seemingly “annoying-ache” can lead to a number of more serious issues.

Avoid the pain and discomfort at all costs

Did you know that an estimated 75% of motorcycle riders experience seat-related discomfort on long rides?

For many motorcycle enthusiasts, a sore butt comes with the territory. Most motorcyclists put up with the pain as they enjoy the ride.

But that discomfort can mask a more serious long term issue - damage to the pudendal nerve!

What is the Pudendal nerve?

The pudendal nerve runs through the base of your pelvis, controlling bladder and bowel function, as well as sexual function and sensation in the genitals and inner thighs.

This can lead to…

Illustration of the human sciatic nerve pathway from the lower back to the leg.

Errectile Disfunction

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According to a Harvard University study, riding can cause Erectile dysfunction.

For both men and women, the pudendal nerve is essential for sexual function.

In men, it can lead to erectile dysfunction or ejaculation problems. In women, it can cause pain during intercourse or even difficulty achieving orgasm.

Bladder Issues

The pudendal nerve controls the muscles that help us control urination. If the nerve is compressed over time (such as riding a motorcycle), it can lead to difficulty starting or stopping urination, or even incontinence later in life.

According to the American Physiological Society, patients with stress urinary incontinence (SUI) also suffer from urgency incontinence, which is one of the major symptoms of overactive bladder (OAB) syndrome. Pudendal nerve injury has been recognized as a likely cause for both SUI and OAB.

Illustration comparing normal bladder function to overactive bladder with muscle contractions indicated.

Bowel Function

The pudendal nerve also plays a role in bowel control. Pinched nerves can cause constipation or fecal urgency.

The effects of riding a motorcycle long distances over many years may not immediately be apparent (the odd ache and needing to shift around on the seat or pain in the genitals) but over a long period of time this unnatural position undoubtedly puts pressure on the pudendal nerve.

Prostate Cancer

To add to this, a 2017 report by Cycling Weekly, determined a higher rate of prostate cancer among men who rode at least eight hours a week, compared with those who rode less than 3.75 hours, this was because putting pressure on the prostate can cause inflammation over time. Although this stat is around cycling and not motorcycles, it has the same relevance.

Before you leave a comment below, let's see what can be done about it!

Here's The Real Cause of Your Pain

Illustration of blood flow close-up and person holding their lower back.

Most people think it's just part of riding...

But it turns out the real reason for your seat pain is the lack of blood flow delivering nutrient rich oxygen to the vital parts of your body to keep it functioning as it should.

This coupled with a lack of adequate seating conditions and lack of proper support in place!

Luckily there are solutions out there...

A moto-tech start-up from the UK cracks the code for seat comfort

The researchers at Rippl have recognized this widespread issue and have engineered a product that addresses it head-on.

With multiple layers of foam and gel padding, their padded shorts, aptly named SeatClouds, offer a revolutionary approach to comfort.

They began testing prototypes with riders across the UK and the results were astonishing.

Painless riding that promotes healthy circulation

Close-up of red blood cells.

The Seatcloud padded shorts are not just about comfort.

They also help in promoting blood circulation and reducing the risk of skin irritation, tissue damage and other serious ailments due to prolonged pressure.

And as you ride...

They help distribute the pressure evenly, which means you can ride longer without the discomfort that usually comes with long trips.

Seatclouds are now becoming a hit globally, in alignment to the company's ethos in helping riders everywhere experience enhanced comfort.

It's like having a personal shock absorber for your ride... without the high price tag!

Black cycling shorts with red gel padding, against a red smokey background.

You don't have to spend a fortune on custom seats or frequent chiropractic sessions...

Instead, every time you plan a long ride...

Simply wear the Seatclouds padded shorts for continuous comfort and reduced risk of pain.

The difference it makes is profound.

After just one ride, you'll notice a significant reduction in discomfort.

If Seatclouds didn't exist, many riders would continue to suffer in silence.

And you know how painful that can be...

Thousands of riders in the UK swear by Seatclouds every day for their riding comfort

Find out how SeatClouds can make a difference to your riding comfort.

Learn More

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Matt C

Verified Customer

I was skeptical, but these shorts are unbelievably comfortable. The gel pads are well placed and thick, and save me on long rides!

Collage of six images showcasing various cycling shorts and padding.

Thousands of riders have already chosen Seatclouds padded shorts.

When you try them, you'll have results similar to the incredible stories of relief like Nick's...

Side-by-side images: a person in motorcycle gear and a close-up of damaged pants from a fall.

"I thought I had to live with the pain, but Seatclouds changed that!"

The worst thing about long rides? The unending discomfort!

It was a constant, nagging pain that just wouldn't go away no matter what I tried. I could no longer enjoy my weekend rides, which were the highlight of my week.

Then a fellow rider introduced me to Seatclouds padded shorts. After trying them out, it was amazing how much longer I could ride comfortably. Now I won't go anywhere without them.

Every day there is a new amazing story of another rider whose life has been transformed.

Will your story be next?

Join Thousands of Riders Benefitting From SeatClouds

Person in motorcycle gear standing beside a bike.A person in a helmet sitting on a motorcycle, looking to the side.Person in motorcycle gear standing beside a bike.Person in motorcycle gear standing beside a bike.

Find out how SeatClouds can make a difference to your riding comfort.

Learn More

These are the type of results the Rippl team wants to achieve for you.

A group of five smiling people in casual work attire sitting and standing in an office setting.

Now think about your rides...

Would you like to have even a little relief from the constant discomfort?

How much better would you sleep?

How much more active would you be?

Would you be able to enjoy your daily life better if you had less or no discomfort while riding?

I am sure the answer is YES!

There's a reason why Seatclouds is gaining attention as a must-have for every rider...

You stay comfortable! And the Seatclouds padded shorts can help you do the same.This comfort is priceless.

There is a world of difference between enduring constant seat discomfort and being able to ride freely.

And I look forward to you experiencing it for yourself.

So how much does it cost?

Rippl's mission is to make its padded shorts as accessible as possible.

That's why they've priced them reasonably, despite their high value.

You won’t pay the full price of £38 ($48 USD) - that’s the retail price for a product of this caliber.

Rippl doesn't want cost to stand in your way.

So you'll only pay £24.00 ($29 USD) today.

If you aren’t taking Alpha BRAIN®, you are operating at a disadvantage.

Find out why.

Find out how SeatClouds can make a difference to your riding comfort.

Learn More

Seatclouds is making a limited special offer

Only on this site can you get your Seatclouds for a simple, one-time fee of just £24.00 ($29.99 USD).

Yes, only £24.00.

But if you are ready to invest in more than one Seatclouds today...

The price will be reduced for each additional Seatclouds you add to your order.

Why would you need more than one?

Many riders find they love having a Seatclouds for every bike they own or as a spare while the other is being washed.

They’re also fully machine washable, so you can maintain them easily without worry.

You can try Seatclouds Padded Shorts now for an extra 10-20% OFF when you order multiple pairs.

Two images showing black padded cycling shorts and a close-up of a bike seat gel pad.

And the best part is...

You don't have to say yes today, just say... maybe...

Two images showing black padded cycling shorts and a close-up of a bike seat gel pad.

You see... the Rippl team wanted to completely eliminate the risk for all buyers.

They are so convinced of the effectiveness of this product...

that they offer an ironclad 30-day money-back guarantee for results or refund.

They don't want you to spend a dime until you're 100% sure the product will work for you.

This means that if you aren't absolutely thrilled with your results, Seatclouds will refund you every penny.

You have a full month to test the Seatclouds and see for yourself how much they can enhance your riding experience.



If you are not experiencing the comfort you desire or believe there is a better solution for your needs on the market...

The Rippl team will refund you 100% of the purchase price.

And no, that's not a guarantee that every other company offers these days.

This isn't a gimmick. Do you want proof?

Try emailing Rippl customer service. Contact details are below and you can literally reach a real human 24/7.

Simply contact the support team at

They respond to every single email within 24 hours.

WARNING: By the time you read this, this offer may already be sold out!

Warehouse interior with rows of shelves stocked with pallets of goods.

The SeatClouds have sold out several times in the US and UK markets.

And now that they're heading to other European countries, the current inventory is selling out faster than anyone could have expected.

So I recommend you act quickly.

Because by the time you read this, stocks may already be sold out again.

What to do next?

Click the big green “APPLY DISCOUNT & CHECK AVAILABILITY” button below.


You will be redirected directly to Rippl's official, encrypted website.

There you will receive a special, one-time offer reserved for first-time customers. (Up to 60% discount)

From there you go straight to the checkout, where you just have to enter your name, address, and credit card details.

...and choose how many Seatclouds Padded Shorts you would like to have.

I suggest you order AT LEAST two because the more you order, the bigger discount you will get (you can save up to 70%!)


Consider this your WAKE UP CALL!

Woman at a crossroad with directional signs, contemplating which way to go.

Rippl offers a big discount and a 30-day guarantee.

That's how confident they are that this product will work for you.

So the only risk you run is prolonging your suffering by not making a decision at all!

If there's one thing I've learned from riding, it's that doing nothing is still a choice.

I spent too long accepting discomfort as a part of riding when I should have been seeking a solution.

Thank God I was lucky enough to discover Seatclouds.

And I'm just one of over 1,000 riders who will tell you that.

You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

It's time to do what's smart and right for you and your riding experience while you still can.

Click the button below to claim your discount and give yourself a chance at a comfortable ride free from seat pain.


For a limited time, you can save up to 60% when you purchase SeatClouds™

Pair of knee support braces with gel padding, advertising 60% discount and two free gifts.


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