SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer
SeatCloud Shorts Offer

Rippl SeatClouds™


I was skeptical, but these shorts are unbelievably comfortable. The gel pads are well placed and thick, and save me on long rides!

- Matt C

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  • Reduce soreness and absorb shock
  • Enjoy a comfortable, friction-free ride
  • Quick-dry, breathable fabric
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Concerned about sizing? Our stretch shorts rarely miss the mark due to their stretch fit nature. But if they do, we’ll quickly replace them. No stress, no fuss.

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Are you tired of the discomfort and pain that come with long motorcycle rides?

It's time to revolutionize your riding experience with Rippl SeatCloud™ Shorts.

Designed for the passionate motorcyclist, these shorts combine comfort, protection, and breathability, ensuring your rides are nothing but pure enjoyment.

  • Ultimate Comfort: Enjoy rides free from friction and chafing thanks to our soft chamois padding, designed to provide a "car seat" level of comfort.
  • Shock Absorption: Say goodbye to butt and back pain with our anti-shock 3D gel pads, designed to cushion and protect on even the roughest roads.
  • Moisture Management: Our quick-dry, moisture-wicking fabric ensures you stay dry and comfortable, no matter the distance.

Transform your motorcycle adventures with SeatCloud™ riding shorts. It's not just about the ride; it's about enjoying every moment, pain-free and in total comfort. Experience the difference today and never look back.

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Sick of that painful feeling on your ride?

Butt soreness is a real thing. Especially on long rides (or short ones if you ride anything like a Ninja!).

We love riding, there’s just something about the freedom and adrenaline pump that makes motorcycle riding one of the best things in the world to do.

But after any serious ride, it starts to hurt. And that’s an understatement!

More like, your a** is on fire!

You end up having to adjust constantly, alternating between your 2 cheeks to try and ease the load.

But other methods don’t cut it. You can’t just stand up the whole journey, and bulky bike seats end up looking like a kids’ booster seat.

Not cool.

With a 5D, multilayer design, our SeatCloud™shorts are designed to give you maximum comfort on the bike, without the bulk.

With a low profile fit, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them, but you’ll feel instant relief.

You’ll notice that your bike seat feels more like a fluffy cloud, and less like a park bench.

With shock absorbing, quick drying and uniquely designed gel padding, it’s easy to see why it’s the short of choice for any smart rider.

Key Features

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5D Layer Design

Whether it's reducing pain, absorbing shock or keeping you dry, our 5D layered design has you covered, offering the most comfortable ride you have ever felt.


Protection & Shock Absorption 

The internal seat gel design cusions the shock from the road, and ensures your behind stays comfortable and pain free.

features bodies 2.png__PID:1d132cee-b9d7-4295-9177-93bca8f6ce7a

Comfortable Stretch-fit Material

We can't guarantee you'll look like this guy. But we can guarantee a supremely comfortable fit, and you'll be able to say that you can brave the road like a champ.

Moisture wicking.png__PID:30633bda-3dd6-4e3f-b3f2-b768aa6eecbe

Breathable, Anti-sweat

We understand that too many layers can get hot, especially in the nether region. That's why our shorts are lighteight, breathable, sweat absorbing and quick drying.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Seatcloud shorts

Excellent pity they don’t have a button hole though

Federico Mackinlay

SeatCloud Shorts

David Blackburn
Seat cloud shorts

Bought these shorts but were a little big. Asked to exchange, their return system was down so they sent me another pair and told me to give the first pair to a friend. Absolutely superb customer service. Highly recommend

GertJan Weststrate

Last week I drove for a few hours non-stop. But it was effortless. Could easily ride for another couple of hours.

mark waldman
Good kit

I’m always skeptical about buying anything like these but I’m genuinely really happy with them